studio2stage was such a great experience! I cannot begin to describe how much I learned during the 9 days at Kean University. The choreographers were absolutely brilliant. Being named a dance captain, I had the pleasure of working closely with several of them. It was clear that they were thrilled to bring their ideas to life on stage. They put a lot of thought into making each number unique. The excitement and dedication of all the choreographers was truly inspirational to all of us dancers. We came in every morning wanting to work hard to perfect each routine. I think that mentality brought us all closer together. It was remarkable to see the whole company come together as the week progressed. I made so many lifelong friends that I will never forget; by the end of the week none of us wanted to leave because we had become so close. I can
Date of Posting: 03 August 2014
Posted By: Nick Paulson
2014 cast member
Dear studio2stage Team,
Thank you for such an incredible experience. Coming into the week I was a little apprehensive as I knew that so many talented dancers were going to be dancing right next to me. Leaving the theater that last night, I knew I'd had the chance to work with some of the greatest people a person could ever meet.
From the moment we stepped on stage there was this energy all around that's hard to put into words. All of us had trained so hard for that minute when the music started, that standing on stage was surreal. My dream ever since I was little is to tour with a show. S2S has taken me one step closer to making that dream become a reality. I'd like to thank the whole studio2stage team for such a great opportunity!
The nine days I spent at Kean University have left me more prepared and excited for what's to come in the future. Until next time S2S!
Anna Meese
Date of Posting: 30 November 1999
Posted By: Anna Meese
2016 & 2017 cast member

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