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Join the junior cast! studio2stage includes a Junior Day Workshop Program for Irish dancers and musicians aged 10 to 14 years and the online auditions will open in October. This junior program is an educational opportunity to experience all that's involved in preparing, rehearsing and staging a full scale music and dance show. Learn exciting new choreography and experience the difference between competitive and professional performance. We bring together musicians, singers and Irish dancers in New Jersey, USA and we turn their dreams into a reality while offering the only opportunity for you to experience being part of a professional show production and seeing how it all works behind the scenes. The day workshop program is created to give experience in show performance techniques and styles and the day workshop students will perform at Times Square and in both live shows on the final day.
SUMMER 2024 SEASON Apply Now

Junior Auditions! Junior day workshop cast members will need to audition for the program. There is no set deadline for closing the auditions however places in the program are limited and will fill up quickly, we recommend you complete your online audition as soon as possible.


Junior Day Workshop Program Fee
$ 750
Dancers & Musicians ages 10 to 14
Become an S2S junior cast member
Six full days of performance rehearsals
For dancers, tuition by four dance choreographers
For musicians, tuition by two musical directors
Two full scale live show performances
All show costumes provided from company wardrobe
Apply Now


The Junior Day Workshop includes ... read more


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